*gets anon hate from the dog with a blog*

You talking shit about me?

(via rebat)


Anonymous asked: do you have lots of money

I have lots of things buried in the backyard. I don’t know where they are, but I know they’re there!


Anonymous asked: Dear Stan, How do you feel about owners who love both Cats and Dogs?

I would say they clearly haven’t learned how evil cats are. If they knew, they wouldn’t like cats anymore!


Anonymous asked: I barely ever have time to spend with my family, because my mom works 6 jobs and is single, my oldest brother works and has lots of sports, my other brother has lots of sports also and is always with his friends.I wish I could just have time to do stuff 'cause I also have dance, softball, soccer, and have to go to my dads all the time, and he lives 4 hours away from me.Speaking of softball I go to most of my brothers baseball games and he hasn't come to one of my softball games.What should I do?

Well you could just try asking them to come to your games. Tell them you’d like it if they could come show you some support while you go throw that ball. Speaking of baseball, they should have a position of a dog that runs after the ball and catches it. That would make the game more interesting. 


Anonymous asked: sometimes a lot of people judge me and i don't like it. People are too harsh. Sometimes I don't even know if I should be myself, because myself is too boring, or uncool, or lame. Should I be myself?

Be yourself! If you’re having fun it doesn’t matter what other people think! I know I wouldn’t stop sniffing butts or chewing shoes just because my family thinks those things are gross, and you shouldn’t give up on things you like just because of what other people think.


Anonymous asked: everybody is making fun of me because i am gay

That’s just because people are scared of things they don’t understand. I’m a talking dog, and I’ve been made fun of because of that. People who make fun of you for being you aren’t people you should be around. All I can say is try to look for people who accept you, and just know that as long as you are happy with you it doesn’t matter what other people say.


Anonymous asked: What up

The sky.


Anonymous asked: stan, i was wondering, besides the poodle which other breed is so smart and beautiful that it can win a compitition based on beauty and cleverness?

Well, it’s hard to beat poodles that’s for sure, but if I had to choose… then probably cocker spaniels. Have you ever heard of the movie Lady and the Tramp? Lady is a cocker spaniel you know!


Anonymous asked: Do you like people

Yeah people are great. They feed me, they have great shoes to chew on, and they always have interesting smells. I can do whatever I want when I’m home alone. Sometimes we play catch, not that I’m that into it. Chasing after a ball and bringing it back? That’s tons of f-I mean, it’s alright.


Anonymous asked: Hey Stan... I like a boy... Have advice?

Tell him! Try to talk to him alone, and tell him that you like him. You might find out he likes you back!